Wednesday, May 18, 2016

NEPAL : Daughter Of Nature

                        NEPAL : DAUGHTER OF NATURE

Natural Resources of Nepal

                     First of all,lest;s see some of the things in order to know the background of natural resources of Nepal in brief before heading to discuss about it in detail. From or level, as well as development of any kind of economy largely depend upon the geographical condition and natural resources of that nation, Natural resources are the elements that create the foundation and influence every sector of a country. Indeed,the entire development of any country depends upon several things like favourableness of geographical condition productive land,sufficient rainfall at certain time well as the availability of river ,forest,hills,and other required minerals.The economic of highly developed countries like America,France, England ,Japan and many other prove this very fact to us today. Indeed, economic development is the final goal of any one country,and natural resources are the predominant means to obtain economic development. That is why economic development of the developed countries is found to be much better in compare to the underdeveloped countries due to proper use of natural resources.

Water Resources In Nepal 

                      No doubt, none of the living being can survive without water on this plant. That is why existence of water will be under quest at first while going for discovery of new life in other new planets. At the same time, another quite interesting fact of the water is this that water is regarded to have become a highly important resources for economic development along with the life.Hence, when water is used as a means of economic development, it is called water resources.
                      Nepal has immense water store therefore national and international scholars have already agreed this very fact of water that water resources can be richly important for the economic development of Nepal. Thus, having agreed the importance of water resources as important for multipurpose, it is called 'white gold'.

Forest Resources

      Forest resources also is believe as a highly important resources among various other natural resources. A group of trees and plants are known as forest resources. Forest resources is the second largest natural resources of Nepal after water resources. Hence, as Nepal has been rich in forest resources from the ancient days, there is famous Nepali saying among us that reads ,''HARIYO BAN NEPALKO DHAN''. At present time ,total land holding forest resources is only 68.3 lakhs hectare or 39.5 percent.Actual forest resources covered only 29 percent and shrub covered 10.5 percent of the total land.

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